1893 Military Franchise Essays of the New Hebrides

1893 French Military Franchise Essays of the New Hebrides

Last updated:  12 November, 2018 (PDT)

Census - How many are there?


Background history

Definitions and terms

Essay scans naming system

Essays by printing group

Essays by position

Essays by stone

Essays by plate features

How many are there?

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The list below shows quantities of sheets, singles and pairs for each printing group and sub-group.
Ownership is shown for each essay in each position in each subgroup.

Some abbreviations

Background - printing group with lettering on the background stone
Blue - printing group with lettering on the blue disk stone
Design - printing group with all lettering on the design stone

Richardson & Copp - R&C
Ceres Philatelie - Ceres
David Feldman - Feldman
Empire Stamp Auctions - Empire

A chart of each printing sub-group with scans of each essay recorded thus far can be seen at the Census Gallery.

Click on the "+" signs to expand the census info for each printing group or subgroup.

+ C.  Design - 17 sheets, 33 singles
+ D.  Forgeries - 6 sheets, 5 singles

Total Items so far = 141 items = 46 sheets, 94 singles, 1 pair

This list will be updated as more essays or owner info come to light.

Roland Klinger, the New Hebrides website webmaster, has put online scans of the sheets most recently seen at auction or owned by the group.

Census - you can help

Please report sheets or singles of essays not shown on this website.

The exact numbers still existing of the essays is unknown.

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