1893 Military Franchise Essays of the New Hebrides

1893 French Military Franchise Essays of the New Hebrides

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Plate Features Overview


Background history

Definitions and terms

Essay scans naming system

Essays by printing group

Essays by position

Essays by stone

Plate Features

A.  Plate features by printing group

B.  Plate features by position

C.  Plate features by stone

How many are there?

Where are they now?




Each of the four essays on a sheet was drawn differently, so they each have different characteristics. As well, retouches of the essays over time help to show printing order.

Studying the constant and changing features of a printing group, position or stone via comparing cropped enlargements augments the knowledge gained from studying them by printing subgroup, by position or by stone.

The links on the left take you to the printing groups, the positions and the stones pages.  Each set of pages provides plating pages for each feature.

"Flip book" style of comparison

For each feature in the Position section, the viewer will have the opportunity to arrange the cropped enlargements in a certain order to create an animator's "flip book" when a slideshow of the enlargements is played.

This is aimed at seeing the evolution of a plate flaw or retouch.

"Roller page book" style of comparison

Using the mouse-over tool, the viewer will be able to compare two scans of the same feature to see what changes have been made. This is the same idea as that which animators use to check position  - rolling a page back and forth over the top of a second page.

What we know, assume, deduce, infer

Analyses by collectors in an effort to gain more insight into the plate features.


Comments relating to specific plate features, including feedback from other collectors and website visitors.

What else would you like to see? Write to the email address on the Home page with your ideas.

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