1893 Military Franchise Essays of the New Hebrides

1893 French Military Franchise Essays of the New Hebrides

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This list is at present in chronological order of passing from collector/dealer/auction house to the current collectors. Scans are supplied for each transfer.

** Currently seeking scans of items for Cherrystone 25 July 2001 auction and Grosvenor 9 November 2014 auction lots. Can you help out? **

Click on the "+" signs to see the info for each provenance group.

+ 1985 Jersey
+ 2000 Santo
+ 2001 Richardson & Copp (R&C)
+ 2002 Empire Auctions
+ 2002 Cherrystone
+ 2005-7 Cologne eBay
+ 2008 Fletcher
+ 2009 Merot
+ 2011 Goron
+ 2011 Rolfe E. Wyer
+ 2018 Sandafayre Auctions
+ Collections for which provenance is unknown
+ Auctions of items not in the "Family"

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