Cover Austria

1867 - 1955

Last updated:    July 2, 2015 (PDT)

Cover Austria, 1867 - 1955

This is a display of Austrian covers, organized by rate period, as per those listed on

It features the 1922-24 definitives, through which we can see the hyperinflation that affected Austria after World War 1. This issue is highlighted by rainbow matting, whereby each color signifies one of nine different rate periods. The stamps (at present printed scans only) are illustrated in order of date issued, and match up to the rate periods where the covers are shown.

Covers for other rate periods are matted in light gray.
Any covers not matted are either eBay scans or scans from ser1851's bidStart listings.

At present, due to time constraints, display pages up to only 1925 will be available.

Click on a rate period to see the cover(s) pertaining to that period.

1. Austro-Hungarian Empire (1867-1918)

a)  1 Jan 1883
b)  1 Jan 1900
c)  16 Jan 1907
d)  1 Oct 1916

2. First Republic (1918-1945)

a)  1 Sep 1918
b)  15 Jan 1920
c)  15 Apr 1920
d)  1 Feb 1921
e)  1 Aug 1921

2.A. 1922-24 Definitive issue

a)  1 Dec 1921
b)  1 May 1922
c)  21 Aug 1922
d)  18 Sep 1922
e)  1 Nov 1922
f)  1 Aug 1923
g)  1 Dec 1923
h)  1 Dec 1924
i)  1 Mar 1925

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