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December 2012

The medical stuff

Saturday December 8

Dr Google told me I had Parkinson's disease. Well, though I had a rather sleepless night after reading up on it, in a way I felt relieved that so many of the problems I'd been having were magically explained. The slowness, the freezing, the lack of balance and, of course, the tremor.

Dec 10

I contacted the local Parkinson's support group coordinator even before my doctor's visit. What  a helpful lady she was! She listened, offered suggestions on where to go from here and sent me a swag of stuff in the mail.

Dec 13

Flesh and blood doctor's visit. I told him I have the symptoms of Parkinson's disease. He looked at my face, thought it looked a bit bland, checked my arms for cogwheeling and found some. He referred me for an MRI and wrote out a referral for a neurologist. Wow, it's all happening!!

The neurologist in Brisbane was booked till April, so I had to ask for another name. Conveniently, this one was in Nambour, only 2 1/2 hours away, and could have seen me before Christmas if I 'd wanted!

Dec 20

The MRI was fun, as it was resonating musical sounds. My doctor, upon reading the report, told me my brain was "essentially normal". What a surprise!


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