My life as a degenerate

December 2012

Symptoms: Here's a list of mine!

I thought a list of symptoms might be useful for others who might be wondering if something is related to their PD or the possiblilty of their having it, so here 'tis! Note that the neurologist said my tremor was late.

Taking medication in January alleviated many of my symptoms. Those that are still with me are shown in italics.

2011 and earlier

Loss of sense of smell
Quiet voice
Snoring (I now use a CPAP machine)
Left arm not swinging
Stooped posture
Hands shaking when stopped by police
Bleah feeling after a meal

2012, Jan-Jun

Sore left shoulder (Apr onwards)
Toes curling under
Cramping in feet

2012, Jul-Sep

Finding things harder to do
Doing things more slowly
Finding it harder to make big decisions
Heightened startle reflex (jump easily when surprised)
Faster reflexes (able to catch things thrown at me, catch things before they fall)
Hands shaking after strenuous exercise (running for train)

2012, Oct-Nov

Heartburn, stomach unsettled after a meal (fixed with reflux medication)
Taking smaller steps, especially in cramped spaces
Loss of balance (unable to stand on one leg)
Car harder to drive (hard to turn steering wheel)
Walking shoes harder to put on (used shoe horn)
Finding it hard to turn over in bed
Tremor in right hand (early Nov)
Finding it harder to prioritize tasks
Tired more often, deeper level of tiredness necessitating a nap (Nov)

2012, Dec

Difficulty with buttons, change, papers (fine motor)
Very hard to cut fruit, vegetables, meat when cooking
Having to think about walking (following someone helped)
Left leg freezing when start to walk (self-talk and music helped)
Feeling I am going to slip over on polished or tiled floors
Hard to have a shower (hard to move washcloth over my body)
Hard to dry myself off with a towel after a shower
Hard to wrap presents
Hard to do more than one thing at a time (e.g. talk and something physical, talk and drive)
Handwriting wavery, showing the tremor
Tremor more pronounced when under stress
Anxious, finding it hard to do things others take for granted
Unable to function in hot humid weather (couldn't even think!)
Nap after lunch, tired at nights


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