My life as a degenerate

Things that are hard

December 2012

Surviving the year's end

As Christmas came and the year drew to a close, my symptoms worsened. I had trouble getting in and out of cars, and found it hard to turn the steering wheel when driving. I had to convince my left foot to move when I started to walk. Walking itself was an ordeal, as I had to concentrate on putting one foot in front of the other and taking bigger steps, and moving my arms. I eventually wrote all my Christmas cards, but my handwriting was shaky. It was hard to wrap presents and even to towel myself dry after a shower. And the heat and humidity was debilitating. I couldn't even think!

I had given up peeling mangoes by this stage. Eating crab on New Year's Day was a prolonged affair. By then my sister knew to let me do things at my own pace, as it was important that I do them myself.

Walking symptoms


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