My life as a degenerate

The four major symptoms of Parkinsonís disease
are slowness of movement, rigidity, loss of balance and tremor.


"Why is everything so hard?!"

As the year progressed, I slowed down, found it harder to turn over in bed, found it harder to turn the steering wheel in the car, started taking smaller steps in cramped places (such as nearly everywhere in our small, cluttered house) and generally felt that everything was an effort.

You know you are old when

In September I started writing all this down in a file as off-beat Facebook statuses and handy hints, to help me cope and keep my sense of humor. My husband started comparing me to "normal" people. Hey, I was never normal! Don't start that....

How to get things done more easily

In early November, I noticed a hand tremor, but still thought nothing of it. When I went back to Australia at the end of that month, it was obvious to my family that something was wrong. They talked me into making my doctor's appointment sooner rather than later. I thought,

"I have to Google this so I can be prepared for the doctor's visit. This is not something where he will say, just take this tablet and call me in the morning."

How wrong I was......


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