My life as a degenerate

January 2013

Brain health

Not firing on all cylinders

Late 2012: Symptoms

Before diagnosis, I was already aware of changes in my brain. I no longer felt up to making "big" decisions (not that I was ever up to that!). I would shy away from them, put them off and hope that things would all sort themselves out somehow.

I could not be 100% sure of what I recalled any more. I couldn't vouch that such-and-such happened in a certain order, or that someone actually said a certain thing on the phone. Although my ability to recall numbers remains.

I felt like putting off lots of things, and lacked motivation. I had to make myself do even routine things! Some of you might say that nothing has changed, but I have been known in the past for being able to focus on getting something done and following through. This appeared no longer to be the case.

Jan: Self-diagnosis

There is a name for my slackness. It's known as "Parkinson's apathy." In my research on the net, I found the following list of areas of PD-induced cognitive impairment:

I think also in there is a loss of ability to prioritize tasks, i.e. what to do in order of importance. Sometimes I leave the important task until after I have finished something insignificant. There does seem to be a need to complete something before starting something else though. If two things need to happen at once, I might go into "gridlock" and achieve neither.

Jan: Treatment

OK, so what can I do to function better and get on with my life?

Cognitive rehabilitation

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Things that help me get things done

Executive functions, gridlock Attention difficulties Learning and remembering information

Other relevant websites

Cognitive Impairment article - detailed explanation of cognitive changes in PwP and ways to deal with them

Cognition and PD by Alexander I. Tröster, Ph.D., Mar 22, 2011, 1:01:56 - webinar on cognitive changes in PwP - has more info on how to keep your brain healthy and help to prevent dementia


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