My life as a degenerate

Support groups meetings make you feel you are not alone

January-March 2013

Support group: What a support!

Dec 11

After my self-diagnosis, I felt the the need to plug in to a support group and meet other PwPs. The internet provided me with the phone number of the local group. A lovely helpful lady answered, and spent a lot of time answering my questions and reassuring me. She posted me a large envelope of information, and it may have arrived even before my appointment with my GP that Thursday!

Mid-late Dec

I read it all avidly, and updated her with my GP visit and subsequent ringing around for referrals to neurologists. There are none in the Bay, so I would have had to travel to Bundaberg or Brisbane, and they were booked out till after I was due to go back in April! She was familiar with the one in Nambour that I was eventually given, and I felt more confident about my impending visit in January.

Jan 22

When the date finally came around for my first support group meeting, I was made to feel very welcome and was given even more literature. There was so much that it came in its own calico bag! About 30 people were at the meeting. The facilitator had us new members stay at the end, and she answered any questions we had.

I continued to go to the support group meetings, including their social morning teas, until I returned to Oregon in April. By then I felt among friends, and it was sad to say goodbye.


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