My life as a degenerate

June 2013

Turning my diagnosis around

Dec 2012

When I was first diagnosed, the main "fact" I read and absorbed was:

The average person lives for about 12 years from diagnosis (although it can be a lot longer).

I spent the first month coming to terms with my dramatically shortened lifespan. I can't expect to reach 90 like my parents have, I'm increasingly unlikely to see any grandchildren grow up, and I'll probably be the first of my siblings to bite the dust. And I may as well give up now any thought of doing major fine motor activities, such as matting my stamp exhibit.


However, as the months progressed (and after taking medication), I realized that my life had indeed not gone into the toilet. The world could still be my oyster if I chose to make it so.

I think that the main turning point (aside from having time for it all to sink in) was in late May at our local stamp show. A fellow collector/philatelist/exhibitor with PD seemed to take the show, his exhibit, the critique, etc all in his stride. I suspect he has had it for years, but I didn't see a tremor or any problem with walking. I know he will exhibit again at future shows, as well as continue with his many other philatelic activities.

Since then, I decided to go ahead with matting my exhibit, and am considering writing up all of my material just for myself as a reference. I ordered more protectors to allow for the extra pages I will need.


As well, I have been more active in the PD community, and have expanded my support network considerably. It has been very enriching to get to know new PwP and learn from their experiences. I am still a "newbie" and have a long journey in front of me.


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