My life as a degenerate

July 2013

Dealing with the public: taking control

A PwP card

Jul 29

For some time now, I have been a bit shaky and slow with putting away my change and receipt after a purchase. Often I move to an empty counter to sort myself out.

Today after getting petrol for my father's car, I went to the booth to pay. I had to present my loyalty card and some cash. Once I was handed my card, receipt and change, I of course had to fiddle around to put it all away. I felt from the assistant's brusqueness and comment to the next customer, "Thank you for waiting," that she had no tolerance for my slowness. Mutter, mutter, I went under my breath....

So I came up with the idea of making a little card to shove under the noses of place on the counter in front of future impatient shop assistants. Something that explains that we PwP have a good reason for taking more time to put away our bits and pieces before we move off.

Please be patient while I deal with my receipt, change, purse or shopping.

In my righteously indignant mood, I later printed off a page of them and had them all laminated! They fit nicely in my wallet, being the height of a business card.

The next time I was putting away my purchases, etc at a store, I had the choice of deciding whether or not to pull out the card. So far I haven't had occasion to use it, but I feel more in control knowing that I have it there in my wallet.

Aug 2

I showed the card to a support group member, and she thought it would be very useful to PwP, especially if I used thicker card stock and made room for a hole to be punched so it could be put on a keyring.

No, I am not drunk. I have Parkinson's disease.

Whilst reformatting it, I decided to print the above alternative message on the back. This will make it doubly effective! I am looking forward to getting these laminated before the next support group get-together!


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