My life as a degenerate

August 2013

In good company? Other PwP

After the recent news story about Linda Ronstadt and her diagnosis of Parkinson's and the imminent release of the Michael J Fox Show, I thought I'd make a start on a list of the more well-known people who have the condition. Please let me know of anyone else I need to add.

Michael J Fox, actor, has young onset Parkinson's disease (YOPD), diagnosed 1991 aged 30, had a thalamotomy in 1998, continues to work as an actor, his new sitcom will be premiering on Sep 26

Billy Connolly, Scottish comedian and actor, has initial symptoms of Parkinson's disease, diagnosed 2013 aged 70, will continue to work in television and on stage, and tour New Zealand in 2014

Linda Ronstadt, singer, diagnosed 2013 aged 67, had symptoms for 8 years prior to diagnosis, says she can no longer sing a note, uses poles when walking on uneven ground, uses a wheelchair  when traveling

George H.W. Bush, 41st US president, has vascular Parkinsonism, diagnosed around 2004, uses motorized scooter or wheelchair

Mohammed Ali, boxer, has pugilistic Parkinson's syndrome, diagnosed 1984 aged 42

James Doohan, actor of Star Trek fame, died 2005 aged 85


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