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August 2013

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Another PwP card!

Aug 8

Armed with my Aware in Care kit, the A Life Worth Living book and my new PwP cards, I visited another support group friend. We chatted, then looked at all the goodies. When she saw the Aware in Care fridge magnet which I had dismissed as not important, she said, "That's what I need!"

The simple message on the magnet was:

I need my Parkinson's medications ON TIME, EVERY TIME.

I need my medications on time, every time.

So we set about designing some new cards, still double-sided, but with capital letters for the important bits. They will come in handy at her mahjong game when her pill alarm goes off!

I need my medications on time, every time.        I have Parkinson's disease so am slow and need to do one thing at a time.


I finally tracked down a real PwP card. Parkinson's UK offer a Parkinson's Alert Card, which reads:

I have Parkinson's

  • I may have a tremor.
  • I may suddenly be unable to move.
  • I may be slow or unsteady on my feet.
  • I may have difficulty speaking or writing.
  • I can hear and understand you. Please give me time.

This is available free of charge, and can be ordered from the Parkinson's UK website or by using their order form. The order code is M014. You may prefer to order one which mentions hearing loss, code M014D.


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