My life as a degenerate

September 2013

Exercise options:

Forced exercise (FE) for dog owners

Forced exercise is supposed to be beneficial for PwP. According to a variety of sources, "it improves motor function and central nervous system function." But what exactly is "forced exercise?" The most well-known study of FE involves a PwP riding a tandem bike and having to pedal to keep up with the pace the other rider is setting.

I am no bike rider however, so here's how I get my forced exercise.

Day 1

Take dog for a walk. He is so desperate to get back home on the return trip that I am almost running to keep up with him.

Day 2

Take dog for a walk. In order to get some sort of cardio workout going, I run part of the way (not very far, really). I do not feel like doing this, but I know it is good for me.

Day 3

Take dog for a walk. This time it is straight after a meal. I do not feel like walking the dog at all! In fact, I'd rather vege out on the computer, or even lie down for a catnap. But I am a good girl and I keep myself going.

Day 4

Take dog for a walk. He sees a big dog/a Chihuahua/a small white fluffy dog/a small white fluffy toy dog. He flees and I am almost running to keep up.

Day 5

Take dog for a walk. Oh, no, it's raining! Aack!! Yes, it's one of those nine months of the year in Oregon when rain is an everyday occurrence. I put on something waterproof and go out in it anyway. The dog drags me along, especially on the home stretch, as he doesn't like getting wet!

Repeat as necessary, because all reports say that it IS necessary, every day!

Other options are to get a bigger dog that likes you to run with it, or to ride your bike whilst taking the dog for a walk.

If you have any helpful ideas on getting more forced exercise, please let me know at sheryll at sheryll dot net


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