My life as a degenerate

September 2013

Been there, done that, got the t-shirt: Slogans

Today I saw a young lad walking along the street. His t-shirt read:

Got dope?

I thought, "Hmmm, only in Oregon?" I would never wear such a t-shirt. But then it got me thinking about how popular slogans get reused for other things. And what would be on the t-shirts PwP might wear? Here are some idle thoughts:

Got Parkinson's?

Got dopamine? (Back: No, I've got Parkinson's)

Parkinson's 'R' Us

40 is the new 60 for getting Parkinson's

Parkinson's was here

Mover and Shaker (Back: Person with Parkinson's)

Parkinson's: This is not the diagnosis you were looking for

I survived Parkinson's

What doesn't kill you could be Parkinson's

Parkinson's got your back

Parkinson's doesn't kill people, it just holds them hostage

Parkinson's wasn't meant to be easy

Parkinson's abides

Parkinson's endures

Parkinson's: I don't leave home without it

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.... and Parkinson's

Parkinson's will continue until dopamine levels improve

I have Parkinson's. That's how I roll.

Give me dopamine or give me Parkinson's

Welcome to the Parkinson's side

Parkinson's is what keeps me from doing everything at once

I don't suffer from Parkinson's, I enjoy every minute of it

Parkinson's - that annoying time between naps

There are three types of people in this world:
those who have Parkinson's,
those who don't, and
those who look after those who do.

Eat right, stay fit, die anyway with Parkinson's

I shake, therefore I have Parkinson's

Have Parkinson's, will shake

Well, it was a lot of fun making this list. I have a few favorites in there. See if you can guess which ones they are!

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