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Parkinson's option

October 2014

The Parkinson's Option

When I am trying to do something involving my hands such as open a bottle or cut up food, I allow myself an extra option that "normal" people don't have. I call this the Parkinson's option. I don't have to exercise it but I am comforted to know it is available, together with all the options afforded to other people.

For opening things, the Parkinson's option is usually to use a hammer. Just the thought of having this option can give me the strength to open the item myself. It can also allow me to use the "ask a friend" option. So far, I have not yet needed to actually use a hammer, but I have told those who have eventually helped me that I was prepared to.

For other activities which require effort, I will be more inclined to drop other hindering items to the floor, or to allow things to fall. After all, gravity does suck and they won't be falling any further.

A Parkinson's option is also in my wallet in the form of the PwP cards I made last year.

I recently used a Parkinson's option on my trip to Australia. Alaska Air offered the opportunity for those who take a little longer to board with the first class passengers. It was a full plane and I had chosen a window seat at the back. I thought, "That's me!" I lined up and at first was given a skeptical look by a steward. His co-worker whispered something  to him (starting with P?!) and his manner changed and I was treated like royalty. I made sure to take at least 1/4 of an hour to settle myself inside the aircraft. Kudos to Alaska Air!

For what it's worth, Qantas also offered the same option on the next leg of my trip, but I decided not to take it as I knew I'd have plenty of time to organize myself regardless of when I boarded.

So, my suggestion is to never be afraid to use the Parkinson's option. Just having it can bring you that strength and determination that works in favor of PwPs. And it levels out the playing field. What's more, it's fun!

November update: A seriously good Parkinson's option tool is a pair of heavy duty scissors. I have used them a couple of times lately to cut into plastic containers so that I can open them.

Parkinson's option


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