My life as a degenerate

Parkinson's option

November 2014

Let there be light!

At the end of summer and a trip to Australia last year, I knew I was going to be spending my first complete winter here since 2006.
I was dreading it. No sun = a SAD me. And let's not even think about the cold!

My hairdresser had told me about light therapy two years before that. I had checked out various light therapy devices, but they were not cheap. I resigned myself to months of gloom during the coming winter.

Until one day when there was a sale on these devices on the internet! A bargain could not be resisted and soon a nice compact older model Philips Go-Lite Blu arrived in the mail.  It emits light at daylight wavelengths. I started using it on 26 Sep 2013, around half an hour each day in the mornings (as I'm a night-owl).

Benefits I noticed

Things to be careful of

My cataracts are still at stage 1, and my optometrist could not say they had worsened since my last eye exam. But I do believe that light therapy can cause cataracts to grow in time.

Research and treatment using light therapy

The Bronowski Institute in Melbourne has done research on light therapy, and has had success treating PD patients with it. A fellow PwP on the program bathes his eyes with the light box device placed 1.2 meters away (preferably in a higher position so as to stimulate the retina like the sun does) for one hour several hours before bedtime.

The institute also advocates deep breathing for oxygenation.

Another winter of light therapy

My sleep patterns have been more extreme since daylight saving started in March. Now that winter is here (it arrived on Tuesday November 11th), I will give light therapy another go. I have nothing to lose and lots to gain.

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