My life as a degenerate

Degenerate degenerating?

November 2015

Degenerate degenerating?

10 stories of where my brain wasn't firing on all cylinders...!

PWPs don't laugh as much as other people, but some of these stories made me chortle. Others made me cringe! 

I share them with you for a good laugh at my expense... er, I should say, so that you can see how a PWP can mess up!

It's called "cognitive impairment", and can affect the executive function of the brain (big picture, decisions, prioritizing) as well as the storage of information.

Enjoy, and feel free to chortle at my expense!

Change of routine

#1  The post office box
#2  The bank
#3  The hospital

Posting my own mail

#4  Letter to Germany
#5  Letter to Singapore


#6  Who is A. Philips again?

While in Australia in September/October 2015

#7  The afternoon tea
#8  The phone call #1
#9  The phone call #2
#10 Getting in the car

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