My life as a degenerate

Degenerate degenerating?

November 2015

Degenerate degenerating?

10 stories of when my brain wasn't firing on all cylinders...!

Degenerate degenerating?

#1  The post office box

At the post office I went to my PO box, took my keys out, pressed "unlock" on the car key.
Nothing happened.
The PO box did not open.
I was surprised, and then the penny dropped... and I had to laugh...

#2  The bank

On my list of chores that day was to go to the bank. Hubby explained to me which bank. I heard him say "uptown" to clarify (so not the downtown bank, OK).

Well, I waited in the drive-thru with the engine off, freezing for 15 mins while the customer in front eventually was told he had to go inside.

Then it was my turn. Another age passed in the cold car before the teller returned with the deposit form, stating that it was for another bank.
Mutter mutter!

(This is a case of not listening properly, then storing wrong info - I think!
Or not taking the time to check the paperwork at all!)

#3  The hospital

So after doing the chores at the library, the two banks and the post office, I went home. I had not long got in the door when I got the call to pick up hubby from the hospital after his procedure. I told them I'd be at least 10 minutes. The trip ended up taking six. (Who needs an ambulance?)

Then I spent another 15 minutes in a cold car waiting for him to be brought down. I finally called them and...
... apparently I was supposed to call as soon as I got there! They said they told me that. Mutter mutter!

(Another case of not listening properly?)

#4  The letter to Germany

#4  The letter to Germany

I needed to post a card to Germany, and way back when, I had put the correct international rate in stamps on the envelope - $1.20.

More recently, I had bought two sets of 49c Forever stamps. If I used one of each on Christmas mail to Oz, I need only come up with 22c worth of extra postage to make it up to $1.20.

I packed the card to Germany, included a rather apt cover (pictured), and belatedly included a stiffener to protect the cover. Oops, now it was over an ounce! I quickly added a 22c stamp to pay for the next weight step.

So down to the post office I go, confident that I had done this right. But... as the postal clerk reminded me, 22c was the domestic weight step. I needed 79c more!
Mutter mutter! (Of course I knew that!)

(This one was partly due to my purchase of the two Forever stamp sheets, and the need of only 22c to get the international rate right. Brain not processing info correctly?)

#5  The letter to Singapore

#5  The letter to Singapore

 I needed to send some worldwide duplicate stamps to a friend in Singapore and who is collecting for his son. I had put them in little glassine envelopes. I knew that the post office clerks wouldn’t like a lumpy letter, so I stuck them on some card, IIRC. However I couldn’t fit them all in easily.

In the end, I decided to just put the last glassine envelope in where there was a “hole.” Hmm, yes, the envelope was now quite lumpy, but I decided to take my chances at the post office.

You can guess the rest. The lumpy envelope failed the postal clerk’s width test, and my letter turned into a package, which needed a customs form and over $7 of postage instead of $1.20!

I need to learn how to send stamps properly through the mail!
(This one is more about “winging it” than taking the time to do something properly. Loss of executive function?)

#6  Who is A. Philips again?

#6  Who is A. Philips again?


#7  The afternoon tea


#8  The phone call #1


#9  The phone call #2


#10 Getting in the car


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