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Other websites with interesting info

Parkinson's News - Gathering together snippets of the latest news on PD. Well set out pages.

Parkinsonís Recovery Project - Describes an alternative therapy to taking anti-PD drugs. Not applicable if you've been taking anti-PD drugs for over 3 weeks. I found this website 6 weeks into my medication. Extremely well-researched article Once Upon a Pill led me to change the dose of my medication.

The Bronowski Institute in Melbourne has done research on light therapy, and has had success treating PD patients with it. I have found light therapy to be beneficial. See my November 2014 page on light therapy.

Aware in Care - Hospital kit provided by the National Parkinson Foundation. Identifies the patient as a PwP, enables both patient and care partner be pro-active in getting medications on time, and not to be given contra-indicated medications.

PDPlan4Life - Jointly run by Sheryl and Jean, and written in an upbeat, positive way, it's a one stop website on how to live well with Parkinson's. You will find answers to your questions, gain new ideas, or just have a laugh and feel better.


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