Canberra Stampshow 2004

13-15 March 2004

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Hellenic Club, Matilda St, Woden, ACT Bernie Beston, at centre, finishing up at a dealer's table Sheryll Oswald's Traditional Philately exhibit 'New Hebrides/Nouvelles-Hébrides' won Large Vermeil

The Hellenic Club was refurbished since the last show, and provided even better facilities.

The lighting was much improved over last time, and there was plenty of room for the exhibits and the dealers.

The awards dinner began with the presentation of the state level medals by state team leader Paul Barsdell.

The Australasian Challenge was one of the featured national level classes, with the ACT competing for the first time Albert's Postal History exhibit 'The Postman's Chop: Half a century of Maltese postal history through postmen's personal handstamps' received Bronze Tom's Aerophilately exhibit 'Australia's contribution to the development of World Airmails 1914-1931' won Large Gold

The ACT team won the Australasian Challenge, and was presented with the Ed Druce Memorial Trophy.

Albert Farrugia, the novice entrant in the ACT team, was pleased to be able to attend the show.

APF President Ian McMahon presented Tom Frommer with the prize for 'Best Entry in the Australasian Challenge'.

The South Island team was one of 9 teams from Australian and New Zealand represented in the Australasian Challenge The Shakespeare Award was awarded to Dingle by ACT Philatelic Council Inc President Ian McMahon The auction was a fundraiser for promoting philately in the ACT

David Smitham, the New Zealand Mainland judge, accepted the medals on behalf of the South Island team.

Dingle Smith was presented with the prestigious Shakespeare Award for his service and contribution to ACT philately.

The auction of a small number of minisheet overprint colour trials by Charles Leski was fun and successful.

'New Hebrides/Nouvelles-Hébrides' wins Large Vermeil Large Vermeil medals from the Philatelic Society of Canberra are gold in colour! We'll see!

A certificate with an award I didn't even dream of, 4 years ago.....

A medal at a level I never imagined would be presented to me.....

A critique by my peers in the ACT, encouraging me to exhibit again.....

Medal Levels
State Level National Level
90-100 Large Gold
80-100 Gold 85-89 Gold
75-79 Large Vermeil 80-84 Large Vermeil
70-74 Vermeil 75-79 Vermeil
65-69 Large Silver 70-74 Large Silver
60-64 Silver 65-69 Silver
55-59 Silver Bronze 60-64 Silver Bronze
50-54 Bronze 55-59 Bronze
45-49 Certificate of Merit 50-54 Certificate of Merit

More information on exhibiting guidelines can be found at the APF exhibitions page or the FIP website.

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