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Item Number 1345405024

Sold on 16 Apr 2002 to "chickfrdstk" for $24.95

USA 15c Brown & Blue Scott #119 Used CV US $250

The stamp on the left has had its very cool pen cancel removed. It has found a new life on the right.

Educational Part:
Take a close look at the grill on the image of the 119 's backside to the lower right. Grills were made by embossing the stamp, breaking the fibres, and allowing cancelling ink to soak deeply into the paper. This made it difficult to remove cancels and reuse stamps. Charles Steel, who oversaw postage stamp production in the 1860s, patented the grilling method used during the four short years grilled stamps were made. In our subject case here, the grill did its job as intended by preventing the alterer from completely removing the pen cancel.

Item Number 1354682191

Sold on 26 May 2002 by "pcheltenham" for $239.50


Described as:
"THIS SAYS::: type II.....Take a look at the scan. What you see is what you get. This is a handed down collection comprising of (sic) over 20 boxes. Whenever there are notations on the envelopes they will be given. Some stamps have notations on the back. Wether (sic) these notations are correct or not is your obligation to determine. The front and back of the stamps are scanned in an aid to identification."

It should be noted that the seller "pcheltenham" does not describe whether or not the 119 is UNUSED, MINT or USED and shows a picture only to imply that it is UNUSED without actually saying so.

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