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Item Number 1333326616

Sold on 15 Feb 2002 to "chickfrdstk" for $10.60

USA #76 Just Fine, Scent Brown

This is a really nice 76 with fair centering. The honest seller was kind enough to show us the back of the stamp. Because this issue is printed on the thicker opaque paper, grills of the later issues stand out more than their banknote counterparts. There is no grill present when originally sold.

The stamp on the left was altered and resold. It has found a new life on the right.
Item Number 1347085890

Sold on 20 Apr 2002 by "schuylerac" for $34.99 as a:


The seller "schuylerac" describes the following: TINY PRESSED CORNER CREASE. CENTERING COULD BE BETTER, COULD BE WORSE!

Once again, the magical appearing grill shows up and philatelic history is made!

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