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Item Number 1346876265

Sold on 23 Apr 2002 to "stazy4" for $36.00 and described as:

USA Scott#91 Fine Used

The stamp was reperfed on 3 sides. It then found a new life on the RIGHT.

Educational Part:
This is what we call in the biz as a major 3 side reperf job. Too bad, as the original stamp was more impressive versus one that is too small due to the reperfing.

Item Number 1358015125

Sold on 9 Jun 2002 by "pcheltenham" for $91.00 as:


The seller "pcheltenham" describes the lot as:

SEE MY OTHER LOTS.. ALL START AT $1 WITH NO RESERVE THIS SAYS::: the "E" grill .......... Take a look at the scan. What you see is what you get. This is a handed down collection comprising of (sic) over 20 boxes. Whenever there are notations on the envelopes they will be given. Some stamps have notations on the back. Wether (sic) these notations are correct or not is your obligation to determine which stamp/stamps this is and its' (sic) condition.

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