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July, 2014

Last updated:    August 10, 2014 (PDT)

Mexico Photo A Day, July 2014

These photos were posted in response to daily prompts from the FMS Photo A Day Facebook group.

I decided to showcase Mexico to introduce the country and its culture to the predominantly Aussie group.

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1.  red + white

Hola! Bienvenidos a julio!

Welcome to July and a month of photos of Mexico and things latino.
This lovely señorita is wearing red and white.

1. red + white

2.  something beginning with k

Knocker. Some of the older buildings in the Centro area of Mazatlán had ornate door knockers. I wish I had photographed them! This one was on the door of our apartment.

2. something beginning with k

Ketch. I liked this shot of the ketch Mi Casa as her sails are full..

2. something beginning with k

3.  match

Whether it be AAA or CMLL, a lucha libre (Mexican wrestling) match will be fun and full of action. Make sure you pay a few more pesos for a front row seat!!

3. match

4.  stars

The constellation Orion is easily visible in Mexico's winter skies. As an expat Aussie, I took comfort in seeing some familiar stars!

4. stars

5.  on the table

On the table is a wonderful painted woodcarving from Oaxaca in southern Mexico.

5. on the table

6.  view

We had a beautiful view of the harbour at San Carlos from our balcony.
FYI, San Carlos is a tourist and expat town on the shores of the Sea of Cortes in the state of Sonora, Mexico. It is a good place to stay for the winter - magic days and cool to cold nights.

6. view

7.  first

The first major civilization of Mexico was the Olmec, circa 1400-400 BC.

7. first

8.  i've never...

... gone parasailing, but it is so easy and cheap to do at Mexico's tourist destinations, such as Los Cabos (pictured).

8. i've never ...

9.  alive

In February, the streets of Mazatlán in Mexico come alive with people, to celebrate Carnaval. It boasts the third largest celebration in the world after Rio de Janeiro and New Orleans.

9. alive

10.  sharp

These roosters have very sharp spurs. In this demonstration of cock-fighting in El Quelite, Mexico, the spurs have been covered so that the roosters do not maim each other.

10. sharp

11.  gold

If you're wondering where all the gold went in Mexico, just step in to a Catholic church.

This was taken at the Metropolitan Cathedral of the Assumption of Mary of Mexico City, the largest cathedral in the Americas.

Feedback:  It is actually gilding. The photo is of the Altar of Forgiveness.

11. gold

12.  interior

The interior of the National Palace in Mexico City is a huge courtyard with a fountain. On the walls are murals painted by famous artist Diego Rivera. Entrance and photo taking is free!

12. interior

13.  look up

Each little town in Mexico has an arch with words welcoming visitors and wishing them a good trip when they leave - but don't forget to read the road signs too!!

13. look up

14.  old school

In Mexico, palapa beach huts are still thatched the old school way.

14. old school

15.  torn

Mexico … I'm torn … to stay or to leave …

15. torn

16.  listening to ...

Banda music - a very loud brass band!
Banda originated in Sinaloa, Mexico.

There are times when you wish you weren't - like 3 in the morning!

16. listening to ...

17.  sunshine

In Mexico City any sunshine is usually muted by the smog.

17. sunshine

18.  admire

Former Mexican President Benito Juárez is so much admired that statues of him are found in all major cities, there are streets, towns, cities and even airports named for him, and 21 March has been made a public holiday to honour him.

18. admire

19.  curly

Some of the wrought iron gates in Mexico have intricate curly designs!

19. curly

20.  moment

That moment just before the sun is fully set when you wonder if you will see the green flash tonight...
I have seen the green flash only once in my five trips to Mazatlán, Mexico, but my husband has never seen it.

20. moment

21.  basic

It amazes me that the old Mexican civilizations with basic technology built structures like the pyramids.

21. basic

22.  I wore this!

Cotton shirts and shorts in Mexico, even in winter!

22. I wore this!

23.  macro

My husband reckons that the wingspan of these moths in Mexico is a bit over 6 feet, nearly as big as a condor's ...

23. macro

24.  water

In Mexico, what better way to water the plants in the median strip than a hose straight from the water truck!

24. water

In Mexico people use bottled water for drinking, as water from the tap will make you sick.


24. water

25.  home

Home is where your heart is. Ay, México ...


25. home

26.  fun

One of these Mexican lads really had fun posing for me ...

26. fun

27.  ten

Pelicans in flight - always a wonderful sight in Mexico.

27. ten

28.  cool

In Mexico in the winter time, it really is too cool to swim in an unheated pool.

28. cool

29.  repeat

At Carnaval in Mazatlán, Mexico, the Tuesday parade is a repeat of the Sunday parade, but going the other way.

29. repeat

30.  lost

I hate to tell you this, Kemo Sabe, but we're lost!

30. lost

31.  rise

This Calendar Stone is a legacy of the Aztec civilisation in central Mexico, which rose to greatness in the 14th century, before the Spanish conquest.

Thank you for taking a trip to Mexico with me in July. I've enjoyed reminiscing, and becoming more familiar with my photos.

Below are a few more photos, which have come up in prompts from my 365 Photo group in July and August. Enjoy!

31. rise


Always a lot of jumping at Lucha Libre (Mexican wrestling tournaments). It is worth paying a bit extra for a front seat!

32. jumping

a girl's name

Gaby. Nearly all of these fishing boats have girls' names!

33. a girls name


Drag racing in Mexico. Spin those wheels, baby!

34. spin


Lunch on the beach - ceviche!

35. lunch

Thank you for reading my July 2014 Mexico posts. I hope you have enjoyed my tour of Mexico!

If you have any questions about these pages, please drop me a line at sheryll at sheryll dot net.

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