Ozzie in Oregon


Last updated:    January 12, 2008 (PST)

Cedar log house

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Where I come from

Over here

Oz house US house

I was used to brick houses and red tiled roofs, Federation style was coming back into vogue.  Note the solar heating on the roof in this photo.

Houses are made of wood and are roofed with pieces of tar or cedar shingles (called shakes). More often than not they are 2-storey, and they might have an attic or "dormer" as a usable upstairs room. You rarely see any brick and if you do, it's for looks on the front.

Oz house US house

The old Queenslanders have tin roofs and are set on high blocks to allow a breeze to cool the house.

The newer houses around Hillsboro have a distinctive Pacific north-west style and color scheme.

US houses

Oregon appears to have been a huge forest once, and many of the new housing "subdivisions" give me the impression that a part of the forest was chopped down so that the houses could be built.

Oz flag US flag

No one has the flag hanging from the house.  Maybe they'll have one on a separate flagpole, but this was the only flag in Oz that I have seen mounted at an angle.

Every second house has the flag on display.  Usually mounted at an angle.

Oz house about to be moved or raised US house which has been moved!

It is not uncommon to see old wooden Queensland houses being moved, and even on the road.  Steve saw them when we were in Oz in June '07.

Mobile homes are moved, but not houses.  I was therefore amazed to see this house, which looked like it had just been moved there, just south of The Dalles, OR.

Ozzie in Oregon