Ozzie in Oregon

Oregon through Ozzie eyes

The countryside

Last updated:    January 14, 2008 (PST)

Countryside and Mt Hood, seen from Bald Peak
trees in Portland spruce on Mt Hood

There are many types of conifers - cedar, spruce, fir, redwood, hemlock.....

moss on trees lichen on trees

The forest trees drip with lichen or are covered in moss.

white barn brown barn

There are lots of barns, but none quite like those in the story books.

Canada goose Canada geese

You spot the lace pattern and hear the honking of Canada geese on their way to roost at dusk.

Lots of activities on the beach Many people watch the sunsets, but you need to rug up!

Going to the coast does not mean having a swim or getting a tan!

Ozzie in Oregon