Ozzie in Oregon

Oregon through Ozzie eyes

The neighborhood

Last updated:    January 14, 2008 (PST)

Neighborhood house
bumble bee on Canadian thistle

You see a bumblebee, looking soft and big, and... weird!

squirrel squirrel

You see squirrels in your back yard, crossing the road and even crossing the telephone wires!

4th July parade homecoming

There are parades for any imaginable thing - 4th of July, the Rose Festival, Homecoming, even St Patrick's Day!

candy store ice rink

Malls have candy stores. And ice-skating rinks!

Mt St Helens, seen from Hillsboro airport Mt Hood, seen from TV highway

A volcano shows its snow-capped peak while you're driving along the commonest of roads.

Halloween merchandise at toy store porch decorated for Halloween

Halloween may be commercialised in the shops, but each house is decorated in its own way.

snowmen snowman and fort

Snowmen spring up when there's a decent amount of snow.

Ozzie in Oregon