1962 Queensland Postage Due Cover

(from family correspondence)


In 1962, my father was spending time in Rockhampton working on a farm which he was buying. Whilst there, he wrote a series of letters to my mother who was waiting with us children on our farm near Bundaberg, before we all moved up there in June.

One of the envelopes remains. It is a little worse for wear, as it housed all the letters my father had written in those few months, over 50 years ago.

1962 Queensland Postage Due Cover

Postage due, taxed 10d

It seems that my father had forgotten to affix a stamp, as there is a complete Rockhampton circular postmark (20 March) applied where the stamp should have been. A black rubber-stamped "T" was applied, and the amount of postage due of 10d (double the 5d domestic rate) written in manuscript.

The 10d postage due stamp was affixed by its selvadge. (Presumably my mother paid for it on her visit to the post office? Not sure how this would have occurred as we lived on a farm and she didn't drive.) Somewhere along the line it was torn off (wear and tear over 50 years?) but a small part of the frame is still attached to the cover.

1962 Queensland Postage Due Cover detail

Postage due stamps history notes

The 10d postage due stamp was authorized in 1959 in anticipation of rate changes. The design was approved in October, and the new rates had already come into effect at the beginning of that month. It was printed on unwatermarked paper, as were all the other values except the 5/-.

Green frame with carmine shaded value tablet. Perf. 14 1/2 x 13 3/4

Early in 1961 it was decided to discontinue the Postage Due series once stocks had become exhausted. They were to be replaced with ordinary postage stamps. A decision was later made to discontinue the complete series as of January 31 1963, and all remaining stocks were destroyed.

Taking into account the stamps that were destroyed, it is estimated that  995,637 10d postage due stamps were issued, from December 1959.

[Information taken from The Postage Due Stamps of Australia, 1890-1961 booklet published by the Australian Post Office]

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