1967 Cover from Peoria, ILL

(from family correspondence)


My husband is not one to keep family memorabilia, and cannot recount names, dates or events. I have had to piece it together from any fragments I find.

This cover is one such. As my husband began collecting stamps from an early age, the stamp portion has been removed (this sadly is often the case in a collector's family correspondence).

1967 Cover from Peoria, ILL

Late use of 3-letter state postmark

One thing that caught my eye is the postmark of Peoria, ILL. Given that zip codes (and 2-letter state names) were introduced in 1963 and this cover is dated October 17 1967, that makes at least four years before new cancellers were provided at Peoria. Note that the sender has included zip codes in the addresses.

I would be interested to learn how long it took to phase in cancellers with zip codes across the country.

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