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About the eUSC

The eBay Users’ Stamp Club (eUSC) was formed by posters on the unthreaded eBay Stamps chat board in 1999. Its aim was to assist anyone interested in stamp collecting or safe eBay trading. Membership was free to those who demonstrated honorable character. Members came from countries around the world, and included novice collectors, dealers, specialists, exhibitors and judges.

The Yellow Boxes were produced by eUSC members and were posted to the board daily. They contained links to many stamp resources which helped newbies who came to the chat board with questions.

Monthly meetings were held on the eBay Stamps chat board, on a topic decided by the president who would run the meeting. The Executive Assistant ran meetings in the president’s absence. Elections were held every year in late March, with the new committee taking office on April 1.

eUSC Stamp Issues

In March 2000, two stamps were issued to honor the incoming president and the first president. A year later a second stamp issue honored the third president. Sheets of both issues were auctioned on eBay, with the proceeds going to a charity chosen by the president.

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eUSC 2 eUSC 1 eUSC 3

President g.1
(with crown)

President iomoon
(“coronation” issue - with tiara)

President cableguy52
(“6-star” general)

Later developments

In 2004, the constitution was changed to add a Media Liaison Officer and an APS Representative to the committee. In 2011, eBay replaced the unthreaded Stamps chat board with a threaded Stamp Collectors discussion board. Many members were not pleased with the new format and moved on.

The eUSC is a chapter of the American Philatelic Society, and is now on Facebook. It has its own website at If you are an eBay user, take a look and consider joining up!

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