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Mazatlan (September, 2003)

Valentinos at Mazatlan
the Golden Zone

"Snow birds" flock south to this popular tourist destination on the west coast of Mexico, just below the Tropic of Cancer, to escape the harsh northern winters. The majority of tourists choose to stay on the northern beaches in the Golden Zone (Zona Dorada).

This map shows how this city of half a million people hugs the coast.


For those who want something different to the resort atmosphere, the thriving downtown historical quarter (Centro Historico), with its bustling market, is far enough away from the resort beaches to give visitors a taste of life among the local people (see map).

At the very south is Stone Island (Isla de la Piedra), where one can enjoy a change of pace along the long palm-fringed beach.

Our holiday began in Centro, just above the yellow arrow.
These photo pages show our visits to the beaches, the lighthouse (the second highest natural manned lighthouse in the world) and Stone Island.

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