What's Sheryll up to now?

USA (October - November, 2003)

Food tidbits

Halloween in USA

I was surprised to find the food in restaurants and supermarkets to be quite different from Aussie food. There is very little correlation, so each dining or shopping expedition is a learning experience.

Attempts to eat the 72oz steak

Sayler's steakhouse, with Bill and Georgia

At Sayler's steakhouse, you can order a 72oz steak. If you can eat it with all the trimmings in an hour, you get it for free! Many have tried.

Gooey ducks at Uwajimaya market

The geoduck (pronounced "gooey duck") is the weirdest type of clam I have ever seen!

Sweet Factory, at Clackamas Town Center

There are many candy stores in the shopping malls. Most of it is unfamiliar to Aussies, but I have made an effort to taste many of the different types!

Candy machines, at the Lloyd Center

Turning my life around.....