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Canberra (March, 2004)

Canberra - still the Bush Capital

Flag over Parliament House

Flag viewed from front of Parliament House

Those who watch the news on TV see Canberra represented by the Australian flag atop Parliament House, but those of us who have lived there know that Canberra is much more than the centre of government or something to rail against in a political discussion.

Canberra - National Museum at left, Parliament House at right

Canberra is a wonderful city to live in - no pollution, little traffic congestion, good roads, crisp dry sunny weather, access to the National This and the National That just minutes away, and a great place to bring up children.

Woden Valley - Mt Taylor at left, Woden Town Centre at right

The ranges of the south-west are often sprinkled with snow during winter, but snow rarely falls heavily enough to linger in the suburbs. And the mountains and hills which separate the "satellite cities" will never be built on, but are kept as reserves for Canberrans to enjoy.

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