What's Sheryll up to now?

Canberra (March, 2004)

Canberra bushfires - revisited

Flag over Parliament House

Bushfire logging on Mt Stromlo, west of Duffy

The most obvious sign of the 18 January 2003 bushfires is Mt Stromlo, west of Duffy, from which much of the burnt pine forest has been logged. I heard that the logs are sent to ACT mills, where they are soaked in an acid bath to remove the char before being processed further.

Mt Stromlo Observatory - closed to the public

Mt Stromlo Observatory itself was burnt out by the fires, and is still closed. The observatories are visible from Canberra now (see centre of top photo) - a skyline I will never get used to.

Chapman - some big homes have been built, but many blocks remain vacant

House and land prices surged incredibly in 2003, and building prices have doubled with the sudden demand. Many of those who lost their homes sold their land or have not yet rebuilt. Blocks of land in Chapman are on the market for $600,000!

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