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Hervey Bay (April, 2004 - April, 2005)

Hervey Bay

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Looking northwest, you can see Scarness pier and Point Vernon Looking east, you can see Torquay pier, and Fraser Island in the distance Kiteboarding is popular at Urangan, near the pier. Fraser Island can be seen in the distance.

Hervey Bay's sandy beach is quieter in the months between the busy summer holidays (Dec-Jan) and the winter (June-Aug). Southerners come up here to escape the cold, and visitors from all over enjoy the whale watching season from July to November.

Holidaymakers and backpackers enjoy a variety of watersports. I have seen windsurfers, jetskiers.....

..... and even kiteboarders!
The beach is sheltered from the Pacific Ocean by Fraser Island, making it a safe swimming spot for families.

Tourists enjoy watching the pelicans being fed The pelicans are almost tame, and you can walk right up to them before they skitter away. A bit of a tiff over a tidbit.....

Pelicans and seagulls frequent the beach, especially when fishermen are filleting their whiting catch.

Sometimes they wait patiently.....

Sometimes they get a bit stroppy!

The pier is now used by fishermen to catch whiting, tuna and other fish Though wild, the ducks enjoy being fed, and swim over to you expectantly I often hear the flying foxes at night, fighting over berries in the palm trees across the road from where I live

The Urangan Pier was once a third longer than this. I recall the days when paper boats and oil tankers docked there. In July, I saw a fisherman with a nice bluefin tuna he had caught from the end of the pier.

The swampy areas have been converted to lagoons, and are a haven for ducks, waterfowl, ibises and other birds.

A large flying fox (fruit bat) colony close to the beach is not popular with nearby residents, who complain of the noise, stench and possibility of disease. They can be seen in their thousands at dusk, flying mostly east to Fraser Island to feed.

Turning my life around.....