What's Sheryll up to now?

Mexican Riviera (December 4-11)

The "Carnival Pride"

Zocalo, Mexico City

We enjoyed our week cruising the Mexican Riviera on the "Carnival Pride", apart for Steve getting seasick on the first couple and last couple of days. He managed to distract himself from it by playing poker at the casino. I amused myself by attending various activities such as the Newly Weds game, Battle of the Sexes and a few trivia games. Art auctions were held on board during the cruise, as apparently the tax on art bought at sea is zero dollars. I went along to a couple of auctions on the first two days but didn't buy anything.

The view of the Queen Mary and Long Beach from the ship before we left

View of Lido Deck from Sun Deck

The Welcome show, on our first night at sea

Steve and I in the dining room on the first formal night

Scene from a show featuring British Music

Steve and I with our dining room waiters Huseyn from Turkey and Boris from Peru

There were about 80 different nationalities among the crew.

Turning my life around.....