What's Sheryll up to now?

Oregon (Summer, 2005)

At home in Hillsboro, June

Boys at play at the Civic Center fountain, Hillsboro, Oregon

It's cool at nights here, even in summer!

Relaxing in the family room.

As northern summers are so short, I tend to use the computer only in the late evenings.

Thanks to Bill Seymour and a new DSL connection, I now have a computer connected to the internet!

We live in a quiet neighbourhood, close to downtown Hillsboro.

The house and front yard in early summer.

Growing tropical plants is just one of Steve's interests.

There's a variety of plants and animals in the back yard.....

The goose is noisy, and is supposed to keep the neighbourhood racoons from attacking the ducks.

Our yard backs onto a spacious allotment planted with cedars, spruce, plum trees and even a walnut tree.

Turning my life around.....