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Oregon (Summer, 2005)

PIPEX 2005, Portland, May 29-31

Boys at play at the Civic Center fountain, Hillsboro, Oregon

PIPEX 2005 was a national stamp exhibition, held on Memorial Day weekend at the Monarch Hotel in Portland. The weather was unseasonally hot for the first two days, so we were grateful for the air-conditioned venue.

After having attended Pacific Explorer '05 only a month earlier, I found it much more low-key and with quite a different flavour to Aussie stamp shows. Everyone was very friendly, and the calibre of the exhibits and meetings was quite high.

I stayed for the Awards Dinner on Saturday night, and caught up with a few old friends.

Joe and Carmen Meeko.

I met Joe and Carmen at an Oregon Stamp Society meeting in November 2003, and again in Sydney at Pacific Explorer '05 last month!

Bill's duty as OSS president was to propose a toast to the Queen!

Bill Seymour was there in his role of President of the Oregon Stamp Society, which was hosting the show. He and Georgia were best man and chief bridesmaid at my wedding .

Here I am with Joe and Bill, both of whom I had met in 2003.

Georgia took this photo of Joe, Bill and me after the awards were announced.

Ken gave the shortest speech I have ever heard at an awards dinner!

PIPEX is a World Series of Philately show run under the auspices of the American Philatelic Society (APS). Its representative Ken Martin was very helpful to me at the show.

Arlo and Len, with the dealer tables in the background.

The real powerhouses behind the show were Co-chairmen Arlo Bones and Len Lukens, who ensured that everything ran smoothly. Len won Silver for his exhibit on "The Development of Airmail to the Orient over FAM 14: 1935-41".

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