What's Sheryll up to now?


(Winter, 2005-6)

Winter snow

After the cruise, it was a shock to come back to a dry but cold Oregon. Daytime temperatures dropped to slightly above freezing and frost would remain on the ground, culminating in a snow storm on the Sunday before Christmas. The dry powdery snow was pretty but driving around in it scared me. I regret not taking my camera with me that day!

The snowman would pop up out of his igloo!

This house is not far from where we live.

This display was different to most of the others.

We went out to see the Christmas lights later that week, managing to choose a time when it wasn't raining very much.

Steve went overboard on my presents!

I, on the other hand, had trouble enough finding even one for him! Vincent ate his present before I could photograph him with it!

Our Christmas celebrations were very quiet, as Steve has no family here.

It will make good firewood, but will take us a while to cut up. Not to mention the tidying up afterwards.....

After a month of rain, the dead pine tree in the back yard fell over in late January. Thankfully, it just missed the house!

It didn't seem to bother the daffodils, which had started to come out.

After a second cold, dry spell in February, we had some spring weather in early March. Then the temperatures dropped low enough for it to snow for a couple of nights, but it melted on the following days.

Turning my life around.....