What's Sheryll up to now?

San Diego (October 17-24, 2006)


San Diego city viewed from the Coronado bridge

This trip turned our much better than the Orlando trip, at least for me, as the problems we had at Orlando either weren't there or I prepared for them. The weather was fantastic and the city is pretty, and laid out along the coast so that you can easily get a feel for where you are (unlike Orlando!).

On the first day, we drove over the bridge to Coronado, where we had a great view of the city (see photo above).

Shamu is the generic name for all killer whales at SeaWorld.

We went to SeaWorld the next day, and that was a lot like a Disney theme park. The killer whale Shamu show "Believe" was really impressive.

The whale deliberately spat out small pieces of fish, and the egrets would eventually dart in to take them. Something to pass the time between shows.....

Afterwards we watched one of the killer whales feed tidbits to the egrets that were hanging around.

I blame it on the show's use of devious humour at someone's expense, and my having seen quite a few dolphin shows in Queensland.

The dolphin show was interesting, but a bit of a letdown after seeing the Shamu show.

Hand-feeding helps the keepers to monitor each penguin, and also it keeps the fish away from the marauding seagulls.

The penguin exhibit was closed till who knows when, but the Magellanic penguins out the front were cute and entertaining to watch. They are hand-fed every afternoon.

Visitors to SeaWorld train sea lions to be noisy and show off because they feed them!

Unfortunately, Steve became sick during the trip, so I spent two days sightseeing alone. I visited SeaWorld again, and watched the sea lions showing off.

A batray's mouth is on its underside, so to feed one you need to place the food in an open hand and put it in the water so that its mouth can reach it.

Batrays and catfish could be hand-fed too!.

The otter was cute.      The sea lions were fun.

The mime was great!

The sea lion show "Clyde and Seamore in Deep, Deep Trouble" was relaxed and a lot of fun.

Great balance!      The trainer was lifted very high!

Beached killer whales remind me of toy aeroplanes.....

I had to go back to see the Shamu show again!

Turning my life around.....