What's Sheryll up to now?

San Diego (October 17-24, 2006)


San Diego city viewed from the Coronado bridge
The next day we caught the San Diego Trolley to Tijuana. It was much more enjoyable than our visit last year, as I had been learning Spanish for a year and was able to understand (and say) a lot more.

The main walkway to Revolución was less crowded with tourists in the late afternoon.

This time we avoided the touristy Avenida Revolución for the most part. We spent much of the day further west on Avenida Constitución and the surrounding streets, where it felt much more like other Mexican towns we have visited.

A peaceful park where people come to relax, play and spend time with friends.

chess game      toy seller

Dad and daughter out for a ride      pigeons startled from their feeding on grain someone had strewn on the pavement for them

We took a break in a park in the afternoon, before returning to Constitución to buy liquor and "dulces" (sweets).

Turning my life around.....