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San Diego (October 17-24, 2006)

San Diego Zoo and Balboa Park

San Diego city viewed from the Coronado bridge

On the last day, I visited the Zoo, located near the city on a hillside in Balboa Park.

The San Diego Zoo was behind a concerted effort to improve breeding programs for koalas in captivity.

The zoo was too big for me to see everything in one day, so I had to choose the animals I most wanted to visit. Top of the list were the koalas, as I remember holding one at the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary in Brisbane when I was 5 years old.

As pandas are not genetically engineered to digest bamboo properly, it just passes through their bodies. See greenish pile of .....

Next were the pandas. They were taking a post-prandial nap, so I made sure to come and visit them again before closing time, when they were eating bamboo.

This Allen's Swamp Monkey was not still for long, as her baby was playing nearby.

These spotted-necked otters often interact with the monkeys.

The Ituri Forest was a delight, and I wish I had left myself more time to watch the Allen's swamp monkeys and the otters play before closing time.

Children enjoying the grounds after their school excursion at the zoo.

The animals were not the only performers in the zoo.....

The buildings were built in Spanish Mission and Indian Pueblo styles.

Besides the zoo, Balboa Park is noted for its fine buildings built for the 1915 Panama-California Exposition. They now house various museums, such as the Botannical Museum.

Turning my life around.....