Orlando (September 6-12, 2006)



Epcot was the second Walt Disney World theme park to open, in 1982. It is an adaption of Walt Disney's dream of creating a futuristic city, and is dedicated to technological innovation and international culture. At over 300 acres, it was the largest Disney theme park in the world until the opening of Disney's Animal Kingdom in 1998.

As it is the most cerebral of the WDW parks, I expected to enjoy it the most, and yes, I could happily have spent a second day there. There was not enough time for me to leisurely experience all it had to offer in one day.

We spent much of the day in Future World, before touring the pavilions of World Showcase in a clockwise direction around the lagoon. It was dark by the time we reached Canada, and we stayed by the waterfront under an umbrella in the drizzling rain to watch the fireworks spectacular IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth.

Stay tuned for some more photos when I can find the time.....

I had fun trying on sombreros in the marketplace at the Mexico Pavilion.

The torii at the Japan Pavilion was a poignant reminder of O-torii (Grand Gate) in Hiroshima Bay, and my visit to Itsukushima Shrine in 1984.

More chords were struck at the United Kingdom Pavilion, a haven reached at dusk in the drizzling rain. Twinings tea, Cadbury Crunchie bars, Walkers shortbread - so many things I had missed during my time in the USA. To top it off, I met up with Alice in Wonderland, as well as some old friends from the Hundred Acre Wood.

Turning my life around.....