What's Sheryll up to now?

Oregon (Winter, 2006-7)


Our second big snow storm will look like this, I expect

After a few desultory snowfalls in January, we were rewarded with oodles of soft snow, unexpectedly after a week of dry, cold weather.

Up the street

The house and cars

back neighbour's house

Those who weren't having fun driving on the roads, were having fun at the park.


..... building snowmen....

..... and snow women, children and dogs - a snow family!

You never know what could be hiding in the snow.....

The next day, the snow was still there, but starting to melt.

When we went for a drive in the afternoon, the roads were starting to get slushy.



We saw lots of snowmen and a few snowball forts.

This inspired us to make our own little snow family later that evening.

Our car tracks made an interesting pattern in the snow.

Four days afterwards, when most of the snow had melted, our snow family was still standing!

Turning my life around.....