What's Sheryll up to now?


or Day of the Dead.....?

La Catrina

This year we gave Halloween a different slant. After 3 weeks in Mexico of being exposed to the Day of the Dead festival merchandise, we had purchased a few things for decoration or as keepsakes.

The major motif of the festival was the "La Catrina" figure. She can be seen in Diego Rivera's mural "Dream of a Sunday in Alameda Park," on view at the the Museo Estudio Diego Rivera in San Angel, Mexico City.

We hung this one outside, to warn impending trick-or-treaters.

Papel picado, for hanging up on the front door. It was meant to be La Catrina, but the lady packaged me up a different one!

La Catrina, hanging near the door, provoked a nervous titter from the first group of young hopeful souls.

On being queried, "What are those?" I replied, "Our special things, to eat at midnight....."

Pull the string and a corpse rises from the coffin!

We bought these at Guanajuato, which is known for its amazing variety of "Day of the Dead" candies. They taste of lemon and sugar. I found out later at a market in Mexico City that similar milk-flavoured treats are made around Cuernavaca.

Turning my life around.....