What's Sheryll up to now?

Trip to California and Australia

Hervey Bay (June 8-14, 2007)

Urangan Pier, Hervey Bay - the drains are new since I was living there 2 years ago!

After arriving safely at Brisbane airport, we managed to get through the paperwork at the rental car agency. Steve was being an American, and the Ozzies weren't taking it too well. But in the end, we had a nice new Toyota Corolla for me to drive. It had done about 6 miles!

I drove us to Australia Zoo, just inland from the Sunshine Coast. The road to the Zoo was renamed Steve Irwin Way on 1 January 2007, to commemorate the "Croc Hunter".

I hope to add more photos as time permits.

Some of the koalas were actually awake!

Steve was able to see that we hadn't killed off all the kangaroos after all. He found some tender new leaves to feed them.

Steve drove the next leg of our trip. It was very hard to be a passenger, and I was glad when we reached Maryborough so that I could drive the last leg to Hervey Bay. It was so good to see my parents again, and also my daughter Sarah, who had arrived safely the night before.

The next day I took Steve and Sarah down to Urangan for some good ol' Aussie fish and chips. They were out of mullet, so I had to settle for whiting. Afterwards, we went for a walk over to the foreshore. It looked a lot different to what I recall as a teenager. I used to live in the motel 2 doors up from the fish and chip shop in the early 70's.

Sarah and I walked along the beach. A chance to talk.

Steve joined us and we took some photos.

Turning my life around.....