What's Sheryll up to now?

Trip to California and Australia

Los Angeles (May 23-30, 2007)

Disneyland - 'Go west young mouse!'

This trip was not as rushed as our previous stay there in 2005, but nevertheless we were on the go nearly all the time.

A highlight of the trip was our getting together with eBay Stamps chat board friends Jim B and Dave F for lunch on Friday 25th.

We discussed the "interesting times" on the board when we were all working together to change eBay's fraud policy in the early 2000's, and the events that led to the current eBay/APS partnership and the Stamps Community Watch (SCW) review group (See SCADS website for more details).

Afterwards we adjourned to Jim's place, where we enjoyed his hospitality and saw his impressive US collection.

More photos to come as I find the time.

Turning my life around.....