What's Sheryll up to now?

Oregon (Spring, 2007)

The tulip farm

Our second big snow storm will look like this, I expect

We decided to take a trip in our new car to see the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm. There was even a special TV program about it the morning we left. Funny that they continued to say Woodburn, Oregon, when our website printout said Woodland, Washington. We told the TV screen that they had got it wrong.....

We had a nice drive up the Oregon side of the Columbia River, stopping along the way at the old Trojan power plant site.

It looked different without the cooling tower, which was imploded last year.

The bridge across the river at Kelso was so interesting that we went back over it twice!

Well, funny that, as we drew nearer to Woodland, the GPS had never heard of the address we were typing in for the tulip farm. We decided to visit the Information kiosk. Hmmm, now why did they have the brochure for it filed under Oregon ?!!

Yes, you guessed it, we were in the wrong state. There was nothing we could do but make the best of it. There was another tulip farm nearby, so off we went to visit it.

At the Holland American Bulb Farm, except for this little stretch, the flowers were not really out yet this far north. So it goes!!

Turning my life around.....